Provenance Butchers
Provence is a well respected local chain of high street butchers.  Please select a product from the range listed or use the product request option.

Smally's Original Biltong | 250g


Snake River Farms Wagyu | Boneless Ribeye Steak | 300g


T-bone Steak with Bone Marrow Butter | Barbecue Season


Grass Fed Tomahawk Steak


Grass Fed Boneless Shin of Beef


Grass Fed Rolled Sirloin


Diced | Grass Fed Boneless Shin of Beef


Grass Fed Firstlight Wagyu Flat Iron


Grass Fed Rib of Beef (cap on)


Smally's Chilli Biltong | 250g


Chilean Wagyu | Brisket


Grass Fed Chimichurri Rump Steak


Grass Fed Ox Tail


Chilean Wagyu | Short Ribs


Chilean Wagyu | Bavette Steak


Grass Fed Rump Steak


British Ex Dairy Boneless Ribeye Steak 300g (min 290g)


Grass Fed Ribeye on the Bone


Beef Stock


White Park Rare Breed Burger | 150g Patty | Limited Quantities


Retired Dairy Cow | Lyons Hill Farm | Boneless Ribeye Steak


Ancho Chilli Bavette | Mexican BBQ


Galician Beef Burger


Chilean Wagyu Ribeye Steak | 300g


Korean Marinated Bavette