Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is eStreet?

eStreet is a local shopping and delivery company.  eStreet is all about working with the local high street and helping it secure its future in our lives.  A healthy and active high street is such a positive thing for the community -  the ‘village’ high street we call it.  You see just because it is convenient and  quick to shop online it doesn’t mean you have to desert the local retailers and services.  Select your village and shop or shops and purchase on eStreet.    The idea is that when you want to use the high street in person and the relationships you have built up with the owners. managers and assistants – they will still be there.  To use an old fashion phrase, “use it – or lose it!”

Do you deliver?

Absolutely.  We provide a zero-carbon home delivery service using our innovative eCargo box.  It’s an adaptable flight case.  It has a rail for dry cleaning and clothes, removable shelving for various size packages, groceries flowers. At the bottom is a chill box for goods that need to be kept cool.  The box is pulled by a village delivery driver and ebike only (no motorbikes, cars, taxis or white vans).  He is  fully trained and on the payroll.

How quickly do you deliver?

You can book a time slot in two hours’ time (subject to availability) and we will pick purchases up for you and deliver to your home.  We are not set up for emergency purchases needing sub 30 minutes delivery.  This makes our offer more sustainable.  So you can book for later same day, next day and beyond.

Do you pick up from farmers markets?

Indeed we do!  In fact we offer two solutions for local farmers markets.  Either buy online and select a delivery and we will deliver, like any other shop(s).  By ordering in advance from eStreet it allows us to update the farmer to the order and they can prepare it and  hold it for collection.  Or if it’s a nice day place your order with eStreet and collect yourself.

Why don’t you deliver as quickly as the other ‘Online Grocery’ providers.

At eStreet we think 10 minute groceries or 30 minute wine are like…an emergency!

The only way they can do this is to use ‘dark’ warehouses, with limited stock or have a team of ‘gig’ economy drivers standing by (who often drive for two or three companies). 

Two hours is our earliest delivery time – if we are not booked up.  Still better is to order with half a day or even a day or two in advance.    This allows us to plan our collections and deliveries in  ultiple drops and in the most organised way.   We can then share our delivery costs with both retailers and customers – more efficient I think you will agree.

Who does you deliveries?

Our deliveries are done our payroll villager delivery team.

How do you deliver?

We deliver using our unique eCargo boxes!  Basically a big, modular case, which is adaptable to its load.