About us

Just because you want to buy on-line it doesn’t mean you have to forget your local shops. eStreet allows you to use you ‘local village’ shops and services as if they were one ‘supermarket’. It’s what we call the community warehouse. We’re not like other digital delivery apps that either farm-out their delivery to gig-economy drivers or use an out of town warehouse. We have our own drivers and bespoke cargo box to do our deliveries. We can do this because we don’t promise to deliver in under 30, let alone 10 minutes. Two hours are our first available slots. This gives our village drivers time to collect your shopping and deliver your goods and services from the local retailers to your home (or office) on zero-carbon (e)bikes and cargo box. You can order days ahead also… If you can’t wait that long for a delivery use another option (and pay the price) If you are a bit organised, continue to use your local shops…just use eStreet.