The Italians
We are a small community of people passionate about healthy Italian food, as well as quality wines. We run an independent store in Chiswick.
Together with small Italian producers, we offer our customers the best of Italian eno-gastronomy. The close relationship with our suppliers is what allows us to truly know what we are selling. To foster that relationship, we organize tastings with producers regularly at the shop, and we also visit their production sites.
We are equally proud of our small bread and pastry production. Our daily baked bread is made exclusively from Italian flour – using sourdough ensures „high digestibility“ of our ciabattas, pizzas, and focaccias.
We love Italy, its culture and gastronomy. We respect Italian biodiversity, one of the richest in the world, deeply.
We love our job and it is our daily mission to build a friendly community around good food and wine, one that can help us promote the likable Italian lifestyle.